My arch nemesis … Acne

Yesterday I woke up to my face all broke out, those ugly red pimples were staring back at me and all I wanted to do was run away, cry, and hide away from the world while I pray to the beauty gods why did they forsaking me. Just kidding, I didn’t do any of those but I did thought of it.

I usually have a clear face and when I get a break out I can pinpoint why those beautiful red pimples appear. The cause of my breakout the other day was due to my sponge which I knew was getting old.

How did I knew it was my beauty blender?

My beauty blender was getting old and I knew I had to toss it but I didn’t want to just yet, wanted to make sure I get my full use out of it. When I used it the other day I knew I was going to have a breakout due to a feeling, a tingle at the spot where I got my acne. Sure enough, when I took my makeup off there was the blemish staring back at me. I was hoping I could have prevent the break out before they appear but of course no such luck.

Here my routine on how I deal with my acne. Now what I use for routine on how to deal with acne might not work you or your skin. But I did try a lot and I mean a lot of routines on how to deal with breakout.

  1. I found take a warm shower to open up those pores helps greatly. I use my face cleanser, Clinique facial soap. 20171007_2117251752100669.jpg
  2. Once the soap is washed off, I then go in with St. Ives apricot scrub. 20171007_211656722366359.jpg
  3. Once I finished my shower routine and wash off the St. Ives, I then turn the shower water cold. So I can close my pores back up so I make sure I don’t get any more breakouts.  Believe me opening your pores up and then closing it will help greatly on combating acne. I used to have back acne and I fight it for a very long time and couldn’t make sense on why I keep getting them. Well I was able to figure it out, it was do to the warm water and my hair conditioner. The soup of my hair conditioner was getting trap into my back pores and staying there. Once I figured that out I changed my routine quickly. Bam, all my back acne was gone.
  4. Once I’m out of the shower and dry, I then go in with Clinique clarifying lotion. I only use this once a day but when I have acne I was this twice a day.  20171007_185444377900425.jpg
  5. The last finally step, Moisturizer. I can’t tell how important it is to moisture your skin. It one of the most important thing you can do for your skin, plus drinking water. I go in with Clinique Moisture Surge and wait for that dry and then go in with Clinique Dramatically different moisturizing lotion

    Well that how I deal when I get a breakout. I would like to hear your story on how you deal with acne.

Till next time, my friends

20171008_103908.jpgNow I have to deal with my brows, hair and makeup lol 😂 

2 thoughts on “My arch nemesis … Acne

  1. Cathy Dennis says:

    I used to have that prob at ur age so I stopped wearing founation, don’t use soap, just wash my face with cool/warm water. I had tired Clinique for years thinking it was the best & scrubs etc, nothing was working. I saw a dermatologist in January & she said to use Eurcine Cream each time I wash(with just water) my face, within a week I couldn’t believe the difference in my face.. I have been doing this since January & no issues at all. Wish I had known of this years ago. Eveyone’s skin is different but I have very sensitive skin & I had tried so many creams it was crazy, this is the best. Biggest thing is do not use hot or too warm of water on ur face & then within 5mins get the cream on ur face.

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    • ChelseyWilson says:

      Wow that amazing to hear. It does take time and error to find your routine that for sure but one thing I won’t be able to give up is my makeup lol 😂


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