Fall makeup look / Jacklyn Hill Palette

Hello everyone, today I will be doing a fall look using the Jacklyn Hill Eye Palette. So get your coffee, pull up a seat and let’s get to that makeup look.

Man, that hair is crazy and untamed lol 😂

So after I do my morning routine, clean, toner and moisturizer. I will be going in to prime my lids using the urban decay primer potion.

Next time for some eyeshadow, I will be using the Jacklyn Hill Palette. God, I love this palette, everytime I use it, I can get some many different looks.

Going into creamsicle with a fluffy brush. I will be putting this in my crease and above my crease.

Using a smaller brush, I will be using jacz. I will be putting this in my crease, outer corner and inner corner, basically all over my lids except for the middle of the lid.

Now time to blend and buff that color out.

Next I will be using the chip, to darken that outer corner and blend and buff into into the crease.

Now I’m going to take a fluffy brush and pick up pooter. I’m going to put that above and into my crease.

Time to finish this eye look, taking my index finger, I’m going to pick up cranapple. I love using my finger to put on shimmer eyeshadows. I found that they apply amazing on the lids using your finger.

Now time to clean it up, before I go do my face.

Now on to the face, using Becca under eye brightening corrector. Time to cover those dark circles.

Now time to prime that face using the Becca first light priming filter. I may do a comparision first light and backlight. I do own both primers.

Next foundation. For foundation, I will be using Fenty beauty. I love this foundation, it applies beautifully on the skin, feels light weight, medium coverage, and builds nicely. Plus over 40 shades, you can find your perfect foundation colour to suit your skin colour. I’m in the shade 160.

For concealer I will be using Nars radiant creamy concealer. I’m fussy when it comes to concealer, I love the Becca aqua luminous concealer, I ran out and I will be picking it up again when I go back to sephora or when I do an online order lol 😂 my favorites concealers are Nars, Becca and fit me. If you can’t tell, I love light and dewy concealers.

To set my under eye, I will be using Stellar cosmic face setting powder. Love this powered for my under eyes.

To set my foundation and concealer, I will be using bareminerals invisible light.

Time for some contouring. I will be using benefits hola light and hola, to contour my face.

Once that all blended in. Time to bronze that skin up. I will be using Quo sunny days bronzer.

Now to put some colour in my cheeks. For blush, I will be using Studio Makeup luminous loose blush.

Now for some highlights. I will be using makeup forever pro light fusion highlighter. I will be highlighting my inner corner eye, cupid bow, top of my nose, cheekbones, and brow bone.

Let’s fix those brows, using the Mac cosmetics eyebrow pencil.

Time to set that face, using Marc Jacob coconut setting spray.

Only two more things left. For mascara, I will be trying for the first time, Younique epic mascara. I love my L’Oréal lash paradise mascara, so let’s see if this will replace my love 😍. I may do a comparison, for my next post.

For the lips, I will be using too faced melted matt lipstick, in sell out.

And here the final look, fall makeup look.

Till next time, my friends.


Life is enchanting

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