Hello, my name is Chelsey Wilson and I’m absolutely thrilled that you decided to stopped in. Even my beautiful crazy cat is over the moon that you stopped by.

What is life is enchanting?

I’m so glad you ask, this blog is all about this crazy world we call a life. But more specifically it about me.

Who is me?

Well I’m crazy manic coffee addict mom that loves anything that has to do with makeup, fashion and skincare while taking care of a 7 month old baby girl, a crazy @**hole cat and a video game addict husband.

Bonus picture of me and my beautiful redhead daughter

Fun facts!

I’m 28 year old, birthday is July 25, 1989

My daughter makes me laughs everyday

I have a demon cat name Mona

I love coffee, I like a double double (if you are not from Canada, double double is two cream and two sugar)

I’m from Cape Breton, NS, Canada

I love Starbucks and shopping, especially shopping for makeup

My favourite makeup brand is Becca

Skin facts

  • My skin color is light with pink undertones
  • I have sensitive skin
  • I have very dry to normal skin

Well that everything I can think of. So grab your cup of coffee or tea, pull up a chair and let’s get blogging.