Little pop of color

Hello everyone, happy Monday, I hope everyone is having a great day so far.

Today, I will be doing a makeup eye tutorial using the Jaclyn Hill palette. So let’s get started, grab your coffee or ketones or any drink and let’s do this.


First thing first, I will put a little bit of born this way concealer on my eyelids has my base. Then dip my Luxie 205 brush into the color Silk Creme from the Jaclyn Hill Palette. Then sweep this color above the crease to the brow bone.


Using the same brush, I will then take Pooter and put this color in my crease. Than blend pooter and silk creme together to make smooth transition color.


Using my finger, and taking Queen and sweeping this all over my lid.



I will then take a little bit of Cover Fix Glitter drops and put it over on top of Queen shadow.


Now for a little pop of color, using my pinky finger, I will take Pool Party and pop this in the corner of the eye and blend it all together.

Eye makeup is done, now time to get my face ready. First thing taking my all time favorite primer, Tatcha, The silk Canvas. God, I love this primer.


Now that my face is smooth and perfect canvas, I will be using Born this way foundation and Born this way Concealer and then using the beauty blender to blend everything out.


Next step is to set my foundation, I love using the mac fix powered and using R&L Moda powered brush and sweeping powered over my face. Then taking Cover fix setting spray and using my beauty blender to set everything in place.


Next Bronzer and Blush. Bronzer, I will be using Quo Sunny days. For blush, I will be using Benefit Galifornia.


Using the Maybelline Master Chrome, Molten Rose gold has my highlight.

I will then use Cover Fix setting spray and use my beauty blender to blend and set everything together.

For mascara, I will be using the Lancome Grandiose. For lipstick, I will be going for a natural color, so saying that I will be using NYX Lingerie LIPLI03.


I love this new eye look, that little pop of blue, really makes my blue eyes pop.

I hope you guys, I love this makeup tutorial.

That is all for today, I will see you all next Monday.

With love,


Monday is mask day part 2

Welcome, back everyone. Today is mask day, I will be testing out Boscia.

So grab your coffee, pull up a seat and let’s get started.

On sephora, it’s states, an innovative, powerful, mineral-rich mask infused with activated charcoal that peels off to deliver powerful detoxifying, purifying, and brightening effects.

Solutions for:

  • Dullness and uneven texture.
  • Pores.
  • Oiliness.

How to use:

  • Apply a thick, opaque, even layer to clean, dry skin.
  • Avoid eye area.
  • Do not apply to eyebrows, hairline, or lips.
  • Leave on for 25 minutes or until completely dry.
  • Gently peel off mask from outer edges.
  • Rinse off any residue with warm water.

20 mins later, it still wet in some areas, going to keep it on for another 20 mins.

Time to peel off this mask.

I love peeling this mask off, it’s so satisfying.

Halfway done.

All done, now time to wash off but first let’s look what came off.

Wow, look at those whiteheads and tiny hairs 😂. My skin does feel and look, clear, clean, smooth, and bright.

Final results. I love this mask, only one con tho you really have to put a lot on because if you don’t it hard to peel off; but other than that it really good peel off mask. It clings to the gunk and pulls it out. Leaving your face feeling amazing.

Here Sophie cat, with a big Lysol wipes.

Well that’s it for now.

Till next


Life is enchanting

Sephora VIB Sale 2017

Hello, everyone welcome back. Today, I will be talking about the Sephora VIB sale and what I’m thinking of buying and why.

I decided to blog about this since the Sephora sale starts today until November 15 and decided to share what I’m thinking on getting, and why I’m getting that product.

So grab your coffee, pull up a seat and let’s get started.

I love when Sephora has their sales around November and they have their holiday gifts sets out (which are amazing). So this would be a good time to shop for a Christmas presents for someone or treat yourself.

Shop Your discount code:

VIB Rouge: 20FORROUGE, VIB:20FORVIB, Beauty Insider: INSIDER15

So what in my basket:

  1. Too Faced Under The KIssletoe The Ultimate Liquified Lipstick Set. I love the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks. I have Chihuahua, Peony in the Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick. Too Faced Melted Matte: I have the colors, Holy Chic and Sell Out. I love the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks, they last long, great color selection, glides on easily, very creamy and have a nice finished look to them.

So with this set, you get Melted Matte in Drop Dead Red, Melted Latex in Hopeless Romantic, Melted Lipstick in Chihuahua, and Melted Lipstick in Chocolate Honey. All for C$32.00 that retails for C$59.00 value, to me that a steal and I need those lipsticks in my life.

2. Boscia Luminizing Pink Charcoal Mask C$90.00. The reason why I’m buying this, I have the Boscia Luminizing Black Charcoal Mask, which I love, I am doing a review of that product on Monday. So back to the pink charcoal mask, I figured since I love the black charcoal mask, I’m hoping I would really like the pink one. What it is, an innovative, limited-edition, a mineral-rich mask made with activated black charcoal that peels off to deliver powerfully detoxifying, purifying, and brightening effects; a colorful collaboration from Boscia and valley cruise press. That straight off Sephora. For Reviews, it got 3.8/5 stars. Not terrible but not good. I did read some of the reviews and some people love it and some have cons but that with any products.

3. Becca Apres Ski Glow Collection: Eye Lights Palette C$35.00, Original Price C$54.00. Reason for buying: I’m thinking on blogging wearing a full face using one brand, So doing a full face using only Becca products, Maybelline, Drugstore, etc. When I saw that this beautiful eye palette is for sale for $35 dollars, I had to pick it up. This palette includes seven shades, which have a mix of satin and shimmer. This palette got a 4.1/5 Stars. So I can’t wait to get my hands on it and test it out.

4. Boscia Tsubaki Jelly Ball Cleanser C$26.00. Reason for buying: honesty when I scroll the holiday gifts section and saw this, I was interested and curious by it. Plus with 4.8/5 stars, I wanted it more. What is it: a limited-edition, jelly-textured cleansing ball that hydrated and replenishes skin with Tsubaki oil. Basically, it a pink ball and you use it to clean your face.

5. Becca Blotting Perfector Setting Powder, Color: Translucent, C$46.00. Reason for buying: to be able to blog using a full face using Becca products and to try a different setting powder. On Sephora website, an oil-absorbing powder that mattifies skin and sets makeup for a long-lasting soft-focus look. These non-dying microfine powder controls shine without adding noticeable color or texture for sheer coverage in a matte finish. Imperfection is softened while the appearance of pores is minimized for a velvet-smooth finish. This product got 4.3/5 stars, and have wonderful reviews and handful of bad reviews but definitely worth to try it.

Well, that what in my cart and with my 20% off and free shipping it really a good deal. I know there was a lot more in my cart that would love to get but I did cut a lot out. I’m one of those people who go ooo, I want all the things and put it in my cart and when finish shopping and go to my cart and see my total and be like nope, nope, nope lol.

Well that it for now.

What are you thinking on buying from Sephora and why?

Until next time,


Life is enchanting

Covergirl Total Tease Mascara Review

Welcome back everyone, today I will be reviewing Covergirl Total Tease Mascara.

So grab your coffee, pull up a seat and let’s get started.

The face is all done, except for the mascara part.

Today’s look is brought to you by:

  • Fenty Beauty Foundation
  • Tarte Rainforest of the Sea 2
  • Becca under eye corrector
  • Becca Backlight primer
  • bare minerals invisible light
  • Marc Jacobs Coconut Mist
  • No bronzer or Blush today

On the CoverGirl website, it states, full length. Refined. Sexy, teased lashes! Use the lash teasing mascara comb for ease and control to tease even the tiniest corner lashes for a full, voluminous look. Dark, defined lashes that last all day!

Ok, I’m excited to try this mascara, so let’s get started.

The first thing, the brush is beyond weird. One side has a tease on the end and the other side is just a regular mascara. So after applying the mascara, I disliked the wand. I end up stabbing my eye when trying to coat my eyelash. I don’t know if anyone else had that problem when using it or is it just me problem lol. Bottom line the brush is awkward to use.

So after two coats and stabbing my eyes, I really disliked the formula for this mascara. I found the formula is messy, clumpy, and flaked when I was putting it on. It didn’t give me that full long lashes that I love and try to aim for. It did fan out my lashes but by the end of the day, I have black flakes under my eyes.

Bottom Line: I give this 1 out of 5 stars, and I would Not recommend this to a friend. Save your money for something better. So disappointed 😦

Well that it for today, my friends, until next time.


Life is enchanting

Makeup Sponge Set Review

Welcome back, sorry I haven’t posted in a week. I got the lovely flu, still have an annoying cough and the little sniffles but now that my head is clear, I can finally blog again.😂

So grab your coffee, pull up a set, and let’s get started.

So today I will be reviewing sears sponge set that I bought for $5.95 Can dollars.

In the package, you get 4 sponges. On the Sears website, 4pcs Pro Beauty Flawless Makeup Blender Foundation Puff Multi Shape Sponges. Blends easily work great with your foundations, concealers, etc. Use the bottom of it for the larger parts of your face and the pointy end for around your nose and eyes. Great for applying a cream, mineral, and liquid foundation along with cream, concealers and mineral blush. Remember to wet it to lightly damp before you dip it in makeup.

I will be using three out the four sponges. So after wetting them they definitely enlarge. So far the sponges remind me of the beauty blender, they not stiff, and they are bounciness.

For foundation, I will be using Fit Me in 110. I will put a small dap of foundation on the back of my hand and then be dipping my pink sponge in it and be place dots all over my face. Now time to bounce all over my face.

Ok, so I really like this sponge, it did the job perfectly, did soak up a bit of product but not much.

Close up on the face to see how well it applied the foundation to my face. I should have done one side with a brush and the other side with the sponge. Maybe next time.

Time to use the small sponge to apply my concealer. This sponge is amazing, the size is perfect for the under the eye. Blends flawless, and the point was perfect for the inner corner eye.

Taking the purple sponge, I will be using this to apply loose translucent powdered. Once again love the size for of this sponge and it blended so well but it did soak up a bit of the makeup.

Now time to finish the face.

The face is all done, so the sponge for the price they are amazing, they did hold water, so make sure you dry out all the water out before using or you end up water on your face, happened to me the second time I used them. They do soak up a bit of the product but not by much, so that no big deal for me. Other than those two cons, I love the sponges, the different sizes, they blend flawlessly, work with any makeup that I tried so far ( I have been using them all week to test them out) and the price is specular.

Sears Makeup Sponge Set gets 4.5/5 stars for me.

Well that all for now,


Life is enchanting


Take off the day with me!

Hello everyone, welcome back.

Today I will be talking about taking off my makeup routine.

So grab your coffee, pull up a seat and let’s get started.

Today is not just any makeup look, it’s my scarecrow makeup.

I won’t be changing any of my regular routine because I know my routine can take it off with no problem.

First, I will be using the Clinique take the day off.

On the Clinique website, Take the day off cleansing balm is a lightweight makeup remover quickly dissolves tenacious eye and face makeups, sunscreens. Transforms from a solid balm into a silky oil upon application. Cleans thoroughly, rinses off completely.

This stuff is amazing and melts the makeup off with no problem.

Usually, I only need a small amount but where I’m wearing tons of makeup, I’m going to use more than I usually do.

See what I mean, melt the makeup right off. Now time to wash it off, using warm water.

So beautiful lol now time to clean the face, using the Clinique liquid facial cleanser. On the website, liquid facial soap, our guiding dermatologists believe in simple, effective cleansing: soap and water. Soft, non-drying lather cleans gently, rinses easily.

I love this cleanser, it does the job unbelievably well.

So much better. Now time to use the toner. I will be using Clinique clarifying lotion. P.s I’m not sponsored by Clinique, I just really love their skin care. I dislike their makeup line but their skin care is amazing.

On the website, clarifying lotion, dermatologist – developed formula helps reveal fresher skin. Sweeps away dulling flakes and excess oil so moisturizer can do its job better.

Can’t believe there was still makeup left.

Now time to lip scrub those lips. I will be using Fresh sugar face polish. I know it, not lip scrub, I ran out and debating what to get or try.

On the fresh website, sugar face polish with nourishing brown sugar is an innovative formula for all skin types that exfoliates and hydrates the skin, instantly revealing a softer, smoother, more radiant complexion.

So I will be scrubbing that in my lips and then wiping it off, using a wet cloth.

Now time to moisturizer, I really love this moisturizer for night time, I’m almost out and I’m debating on buying it.

Tatcha, the water cream, on the website, an oil-free, anti-aging water cream that releases a burst of skin-improving Japanese nutrients, powerful botanicals, and optimal hydration for poreless-looking skin.

Love this moisturizer for my lips. Jersey Shore, lavender moisture rich hydrating balm.

Can’t forget the eyes. I will be using Lancome Visionnaire Yeux Eye on correction.

There you have it.

How do you take your makeup off?

Till next time,


Life is enchanting

Becca Backlight VS First Light primers

Hello everyone, welcome back 🙂

Today I will be doing versus. I decided to do the backlight primer VS first light primer. Now I know both offers different benefits but what one offers better looks or last longer, and makes the makeup looks amazing.

So grab your coffee, pull up a seat and let’s get to it.

Picture of the makeup that I will be using today.

Ok, my eyes are done. For today’s eye look, I used Becca posocco pop and Tarte rainforest of the sea. Under eye, Becca under eye corrector. Now time for primers, I will be using the first light on my right side of myself.

On the Becca website, first light priming filter instant complexion refresh is a skin-awakening primer that instantly erases the signs of a bad face day to leave the complexion fresh, awake and hydrated. A wake up call for the skin, First Light brightens lackluster and dull skin and instantly refreshes the complexion. Skin goes from dull, dry and fatigues to hydrated, healthy and awake.

I love this primer, if you haven’t noticed, I use it pretty much everyday. The primer definitely brightens my skin and hydrated my skin.

For the left side I will be using the backlight primer.

On the Becca website, Backlight priming filter creates a canvas for your makeup, extending its wear from day to night. Backlighting acts as an instant filter, creating a diffused, soft-focused radiance that allows your complexion to catch light for a glowing look.

I love this primer for when I want that dewy look .

Here what they look like side by side. Can notice a big difference between the two.

On my right side, I can noticed a brightness to my skins, hydrated, and my laugh lines are diminished.

I found I can see and feel the difference between the two sides already. The first light feels tacky and the backlight feels moisturizer. Also with the backlight, my left side of my face looks dewy, it has this glow to it.

Now to get my face on.

Foundation: Fenty Beauty, shade 160

Concealer: Becca Aqua luminous

Setting powder: BareMinerals invisible light, Marc Jacobs coconut spray

Bronzer and Blush: Quo sunny days and PF butter blush in plum rose

Mascara: L’oreal lash paradise

Lipstick: Tarte homeslice

Finally look. So I will update the rest of day on how each side look.

Around 4 o’clock, both side look a beautiful. Also note the lipstick is still the same, I did not touch up on it either. Love this lipstick, thank you Boxycharm.

Around 7pm, both sides are holding up great.

Last picture before I take off my makeup. Both sides still looks stunning. Both hold the makeup unbelievable well. I can’t decide which primers I love more. I do use the first light more but if I want that dewy, glow look I would use the backlight.

What primer do you use the most?

Talk to you later,


Life is Enchanting

L’oreal Lash Paradise vs Younique Epic Mascara

Welcome back, my friends.

Today I will be doing a comparison between two different mascara, L’oreal lash paradise and Younique epic mascara.

Let’s talk about lash paradise mascara. On the L’oreal website,, this mascara should provide voluptuous volume & length. Using a soft wavy bristle brush to holds maximum formula for a dramatic volumizing charge. 200+ bristles catch every lash for a full fringe effect. Smooth glide formula provides silky volume in one coat. Lashes are feathery soft to the touch. Women agreed: 91% saw intense & volumized lashes and 87% saw more beautiful lashes. +98% lengthening effect.

That what it say for word to word on the website. Now do I believe them, yes, yes I do. I definitely saw the works of this mascara and I love this mascara. Now cost of this mascara, at walmart, the cost is $10.96 Can dollars, that without tax.

It not a good close up of my eyes but oh well, next couple of pictures will be lol 😂

So let’s talk about Younique epic mascara. On the Younique website, it’s states, for a look as timeless as you are. Moodstruck Epic Mascara is a multi-effect wonder, adding proven volume, length, and clump-free curl. The brush features intermingling high and low density bristles that grip lashes at their root, maximizing definition and volume, and the tapered tip allows for defining and thickening even your tiniest, hard-to-reach lashes with precision and control. This easily buildable formula also acts as the perfect first step for our Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ for the most extreme eyelashes ever.

I only used this once and I was really impressed by it. Cost: $39.85 Can dollars, that with tax and shipping. So L’oreal definitely is the cheaper of the two but is it better. Let’s see.

Picture of me wearing the epic mascara.

So today, I decided let’s have a face off, L’oreal VS Younique. One eye will have one mascara and the other eye will have the other mascara and I will do a wear test and take pictures through out the day.

My left eye will wear the L’oreal lash paradise mascara.

My right eye will wear the Younique epic mascara.

One coat of the Younique epic mascara.

One coat of the L’oreal lash paradise mascara.

Here a picture of one coat for both mascara. Now time to add a second coat.

Second coat of the Younique epic mascara.

Second coat of L’oreal lash paradise

Picture of the second coat.

Finished look. Time:11:30am

Foundation: Fenty beauty

Eyeshadows: Jacklyn Hill palette

Primer: Becca first light filter face

Under eye: Becca eye corrector

Concealer: Maybelline fit me

Blush: PF butter blush, plum rose

Brozer: PF butter bonzer

Setting powered and mist: BareMinerals invisible light, Marc Jacobs coconut spray

Lipstick: NYX Lingerie

Eyebrows: Mac

Update on the mascaras, time: 2 pm. Both mascaras are holding up great, no flakiness, or smudging.

Update number 2, time: 6 clock pm. You can’t tell but under the left eye, L’oreal lash paradise, has a small fall out, nothing to major. Under the right eye, Younique, a little bit of smudging happen but once again no big deal.

So far both eyes looks great, looks the same, no big difference that I can tell.

The last update. Time: 8 clock pm. Both eyes have a little fall out and a bit of smudging going on but nothing to serious. Both look great. But if I have to go with a winner L’Oréal lash paradise, just for the sheer fact on how cheap it is, did amazing job, still give me those long lashes and wear long. I’m not saying Younique is bad mascara, it did the same job but where I can spend 11 dollars compare to 40 dollars and still get the same effects. I will go with the cheaper version lol 😂 This mom has a makeup budget and where I can get the same amazing look for cheaper. I will buy the cheaper version.

Well that all for now, my friends.

What did you think of the mascaras? What one you think did better job?

Next post hopefully will be boxycharm unboxing 🙂


Life is enchanting

Fall makeup look / Jacklyn Hill Palette

Hello everyone, today I will be doing a fall look using the Jacklyn Hill Eye Palette. So get your coffee, pull up a seat and let’s get to that makeup look.

Man, that hair is crazy and untamed lol 😂

So after I do my morning routine, clean, toner and moisturizer. I will be going in to prime my lids using the urban decay primer potion.

Next time for some eyeshadow, I will be using the Jacklyn Hill Palette. God, I love this palette, everytime I use it, I can get some many different looks.

Going into creamsicle with a fluffy brush. I will be putting this in my crease and above my crease.

Using a smaller brush, I will be using jacz. I will be putting this in my crease, outer corner and inner corner, basically all over my lids except for the middle of the lid.

Now time to blend and buff that color out.

Next I will be using the chip, to darken that outer corner and blend and buff into into the crease.

Now I’m going to take a fluffy brush and pick up pooter. I’m going to put that above and into my crease.

Time to finish this eye look, taking my index finger, I’m going to pick up cranapple. I love using my finger to put on shimmer eyeshadows. I found that they apply amazing on the lids using your finger.

Now time to clean it up, before I go do my face.

Now on to the face, using Becca under eye brightening corrector. Time to cover those dark circles.

Now time to prime that face using the Becca first light priming filter. I may do a comparision first light and backlight. I do own both primers.

Next foundation. For foundation, I will be using Fenty beauty. I love this foundation, it applies beautifully on the skin, feels light weight, medium coverage, and builds nicely. Plus over 40 shades, you can find your perfect foundation colour to suit your skin colour. I’m in the shade 160.

For concealer I will be using Nars radiant creamy concealer. I’m fussy when it comes to concealer, I love the Becca aqua luminous concealer, I ran out and I will be picking it up again when I go back to sephora or when I do an online order lol 😂 my favorites concealers are Nars, Becca and fit me. If you can’t tell, I love light and dewy concealers.

To set my under eye, I will be using Stellar cosmic face setting powder. Love this powered for my under eyes.

To set my foundation and concealer, I will be using bareminerals invisible light.

Time for some contouring. I will be using benefits hola light and hola, to contour my face.

Once that all blended in. Time to bronze that skin up. I will be using Quo sunny days bronzer.

Now to put some colour in my cheeks. For blush, I will be using Studio Makeup luminous loose blush.

Now for some highlights. I will be using makeup forever pro light fusion highlighter. I will be highlighting my inner corner eye, cupid bow, top of my nose, cheekbones, and brow bone.

Let’s fix those brows, using the Mac cosmetics eyebrow pencil.

Time to set that face, using Marc Jacob coconut setting spray.

Only two more things left. For mascara, I will be trying for the first time, Younique epic mascara. I love my L’Oréal lash paradise mascara, so let’s see if this will replace my love 😍. I may do a comparison, for my next post.

For the lips, I will be using too faced melted matt lipstick, in sell out.

And here the final look, fall makeup look.

Till next time, my friends.


Life is enchanting

My no makeup, makeup look

When you have baby and a busy life wearing no makeup is a big no for me. I have dark dark circles and some red blemishes, that I like to keep hid from the world. Sometimes I just go in with the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector and call it a day or go in for minimal look. Where it only takes 5 – 10 minutes at the most. Which is what I usually aim for.

My little helpers

Grab your coffee, sit down and relax while I go through my no makeup, makeup look.

1. First thing on my list, is priming my eyelids with urban decay eyeshadow primer potion.

2. Once my eyelids are prime, time for some eyeshadow. I will be using Tarte Rainforest of the Sea. Using a fluffy brush, I’m going to pick up marina. I will be putting that color into my crease and above the crease.

3. Next eyeshadow, I will take a smaller brush and pick up seaside. I will be putting this at the outer corner and into the crease. Blend it out.

4. After eyeshadow, I will be going in to cover my dark circles. I will be using Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector.

5. Once that done, I will be going in with my Becca First Light Priming Filter.

6. When the primer is dry, I will be using Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer to put around my eyes, nose, and dots around areas that I would like to cover up. Then I will blend that out using my blender.

7. Time to set my concealer, using BareMinerals Invisible Light.

8. Now time for bronzer and blush. For bronzer, I will be using Quo Sunny Days. For blush, I will be using Physicians Formula, Butter Blush, colour: plum rose.

9. Once that done, time for setting spray. I will be using Marc Jacobs Coconut Setting Mist.

10. Now for quick mascara and lipstick. For mascara, I will be using, L’oreal Lash Paradise. Lipstick, NYX Lingerie, colour Lipli 03.

And that basically it. It’s quick and looks natural. Here the finish look

That it’s for now, talk to you later.


Life is enchanting