Workout Session

Happy Monday everyone. A new start for the week to start something new. Once again it’s raining and cold out. Where is the Sun? I can’t wait for the summer to start.

So grab your drinks and let’s dive in.


Today, I will be talking about my workout routine. My workout is planned every Sunday or the second Sunday by my trainer. Who is amazing by the way. I loved that my workout is planned due to I know exactly what I’m working on that day and what machine and muscles I’m be using and targeting. It just takes the stress off when I don’t have to think about what machine should I use to target this muscle.

Today work was amazing and I feel good after working out. My muscles definitely feel the burn and are now tired and sore. Which is what I aim for. Makes me want to work harder for that burn.

I always start on the treadmill for 10 to 15 mins, speed 3. To warm up my muscles and get that heart rate up. Once, I finally get warm up, time to check my workout plan and hit the weights.


The first exercise on my plan is 5 mins on the rowing machine. I pushed myself in those 5 minutes so can I can see what I can do. The end result 5 mins felt amazing and max speed was 3.6 miles/hour and went 562 miles.

The second exercise is a superset 3 rounds. Which means I work 1 exercise then go straight into another exercise without taking a rest. For this superset, the machines were seated horizontal grip row and seated chest press. I did set 3, 15 reps weight 40 lbs on both machines.

The third is another superset of 3 rounds using barbell bicep curl and cable rope tricep extension. For these exercises, I did set 3, 15 reps on both machines. The barbell was 5 lbs and the weight for the cable rope was 40 lbs.


Super serious looks.

After that time to hit the treadmill for cool down for 15 mins. Once I left the gym, I refuel with my unicorn drink and hit the shower. That workout felt amazing even tho it was only using 5 machines but I worked out the muscles that I needed to target and they are definitely feeling sore now.


Tomorrow is my rest day from weights but walks for an hour. Then it will be from Wednesday to Monday again working to go get my dreams.

I hope you all have a great Monday and I will see you on Wednesday. I figure I will post Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

With Love,


What is keeping you from starting your health journey?

Happy Monday everyone, I hope, you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. I know that my family and I did, minus the flu but now that I’m finally better and feeling back to normal. Yesterday, I even went to the gym. Which was having a Easter egg hunt, I won a free shake and worked hard at the gym.

Well let’s get started, grab your drinks and let’s roll.

Today, I will be asking one question, a question that you probably heard 1000 times and that question is, what is keeping you from starting your health journey?

I can’t answer that question for you, only you can.

But I can tell you my answer. For the longest time, I never eat well, loved my Pepsi like it was going out of style, and loved sweets. Plus excercises, fuck no. If you saw me running it’s because I was running to save myself or towards food.

So it was no wonder that I got to be 210 pounds. Yes, you heard me, I was 210 pounds. When I told people that, they were shocked because I never looked like it. I carried my weight perfectly and knew what looked good on me to hide my weight but since starting this journey, I’m proud of where I came from and don’t mind sharing my weight before or even now. It took me 10 years, 10 years to start my health journey. What stopped me starting early? Well, I had tons of excuses.

  • I have no time
  • People will make fun of me at the gym
  • I never eat health before so why start now
  • I’m a mom, 100% don’t have time
  • I work full time, no time for the gym
  • Life is always in my way
  • Money issues
  • I will workout at home (hint, try but gave up)
  • I will try next Monday
  • I need gym clothes
  • I feel tired

I had every excuse in the book why I didn’t want to get health.

You are probably asking why did I finally decide to get health.

Well in December 2018, I knew something had to change, my clothes were not fitting like they used to. I was tired all the time, and couldn’t be bothered to do anything and with a toddler that was impossible. I also realize my toddler was following my example of bad eating, she constantly wanted pop and junk food.

That became my reason to change. I wanted to become a better role model for her and my future kids. I wanted to show them a strong mom, who loves to exercise, who in good shape, who is active, who eats health and loves water.

Before I could go on this journey, I had to first look deep inside of me and asked the tough questions to find out what was stopping me for achieving my dreams.

When I looked deep inside, passes the answers and excuses of why it couldn’t be done, I finally found the real reason and it was me that was truly stopping me for achieving my dream. It wasn’t the excuses, it was me making up the excuses of why it couldn’t be done.

Once I found out it was me, I began to work on myself from the inside out. I started to meditate and work on personal development at 5am in the morning. It’s now a part of my self care and I don’t miss a day. I joy this time to myself and working on myself is amazing.

Once I finally felt relieved, I could finally start to work on the outside. I was introduced to ketones by my cousin and Omg, did it ever flipped a switch in my brain. This one little drink can do so much for someone health. I love the energy it gives me, the mental clarity, stopped my cravings (haven’t touched pop since December), and just makes me feel so good about myself.

The second thing I did, changed my eating habits. I learned more about nutrition, still learning more about it but it’s working progress. I started to joy cooking, plus it helps when the food is delicious. Right now I’m doing the 40/40/20. Which means 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fats. So far it’s working great and it’s something I can do for the rest of my life.

The third thing I did. I joined the gym, the first time I went, oh god, I was so nervous, scared and oh god what does this machine do. But now, I’m not nervous, I go in with a excercises plan for that day, and know what the machinery do and don’t even notice anyone else in the room, just me, my music and my body working out. Plus after a great workout, I feel so accomplished.

Plus big shoot out to the greatest trainer ever Christy Mcneese for planning my workout every Sunday and helping me with my nutrition.

Since starting this journey, I’m now down to 165 pounds, I have more energy, I’m down 3 pants sizes, I now in medium sized tops, I feel absolutely amazing about myself everyday, I feel confident in my body, and I am 100% happier now than I was before.

Don’t mind the dirty mirror, I have two cats and a toddler and no matter how many times I clean the damn mirror more dirt gets on it lol.

Well that my answer to the question what is keeping you from starting your health journey?

So what is your answer for keeping you from starting?

That is all for today folk, I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and it’s never to late to start a new habit.

With love,



Hello everyone, welcome back and no it’s not Monday yet. I’m home sick, the last 2 days were horrible. I got the flu. Started Thursday, I was cold all day, even at the gym plus took all my energy to even wake up at 5am to get ready to go to the gym. After work was when it started, oh man the 13 hours of hell in my bathroom was the worse. At the end of the 13 hours, my bathroom looked more like a horror movie happened and someone died. But, now I’m back on the mend and starting to feel better and once again my bathroom is back to clean and normal.

Enough talking about my sickness, let’s get this blog started. Grab your drink and let’s roll.

Today, I’m will be talking about my reboot. I did explain a little bit about the reboot on my last blog post, but this one I will dive in deeper. The keto reboot is a 60 hour fasting that will help reset your metabolism by reprogramming your genes to run on fat for fuel.

The kit includes 3 keto/kalm, 4 better/broth, 4 keto/os, and 10 Signal/os capsules.

The reboot can start anytime but mostly on Sunday. I started mine on April 14, 2019. On Sunday, you eat normal, go to the gym and an hour before you go to sleep you take the keto/kalm. For me, it was the Kalm chai. Not going to sugar coat it, I did not like this tea. I took it like a champ and drink it while watching Game of Thrones.

Monday, April 15, 2019, was the real fasting, got up drink two glasses of water, then my keto raspberry lemonade, 2 signal capsules and hit the gym for an hour workout. For lunch was the better/broth salted caramel, I can only drink this cold, I do 1 cup of ice, 2 cups of water and the broth and mixed it in the blender. Around 3pm, you take another raspberry lemonade decaffeinated, around this time I started to feel hungry but after taking the drink and more water, I was good to go. Supper was better broth Thyme, I made it like a soup and oh my it’s like Turkey dinner in my mouth. So delicious. Then you take 2 more capsule. To end the day, with kalm honey cinnamon, which at first I thought I would love it but nope, it was gross. Maybe, I’m not a tea lover. Oh well, I will stick with my coffee.

Nope, you are not imagining it, same picture as my last blog post but if you think about this is my Monday workout picture. It’s why I reused picture.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019. This is when it’s gets hard and you learn a lot about your body. I did the same has Monday how to take the kit but I was starting to get hungry, so I up my water intake and found that I actually wasn’t hungry, I was actually thirsty. I did add mito/plex which is electrolytes to my drinks due to my body was shaking which means I definitely was low on some electrolytes. Thank God Pruvit came out with their own electrolytes. I even found that the smell of food was making me hungry but I stop and drink some water and stayed on course and end the day with kalm chai.

Wednesday, April, 17, 2016. When I woke up to go to the gym, I wasn’t hungry and I felt accomplished and amazing. I couldn’t wait to carry that to the gym, which was incredible workout and to go to work. I carried that accomplishment all day.

Since the reboot, I learned when I’m actually hungry and when it’s my body telling me it’s thirsty and when I’m actually full. When I eat now, I now pay attention to my body telling me, hey Chelsey, stop we are full now and I actually listen to it. Before I didn’t know when I was full and just kept eating but now I do and actually don’t feel bad having leftover food.

On Wednesday, I try on a top that before wouldn’t even button on me but guess what, it does now and it’s overflowing on me. Plus no buttons trying to be set free. Before the arms were so tight that I thought I was going to ripped it. Now the arms are so loose and feel amazing. I’m in love with my journey to better and can’t wait to see my next milestone.

I was only able to joy food on Wednesday and halfway to Thursday till it was ripped away from me but today, I was able to keep food down, so hopefully that mean this flu is gone and I can go to the gym tomorrow. Oh god, 2 days without going and I been itching to go back lol. I may be addicted.

Well, that it’s for now.

Happy Easter



Journey to Better

Welcome back everyone and happy Monday. A brand new week to start fresh and finally go get your goals.

So let’s dive in, grab your coffee or drink or in my case water today and let’s get started.

First off, today is the perfect weather for blogging, it’s raining and cold and I found the creatively is flowing through me. I’m actually writing right now while working out(treadmill). I grab my phone and just started writing while warming up to work on my glutes. I couldn’t let go what I wanted to talk about today and of course, I didn’t want to forget it.


Today, I will be talking about my fitness journey. Right now, I’m drinking Pruvit ketones, and my workout and nutrition are by a wonderful trainer who inspires me everyday Christy, the creator of createmefit. You should 100% go check her out. She keeps me motivated and plans my workout every Sunday for the whole week so I know when I go to the gym what equipment I’m using and what I’m working out today. She also helps with my nutrition plan and how many calories I should consume.


Let’s talk about Pruvit and their wonderful products Ketones. The drinks put you in Ketosis in 59 minutes by putting therapeutic ketones in the body. Since I started drinking the ketones at the end of December, they helped me with my mood, my energy level, my cravings (hadn’t craved pop since January, or any junk food), and my mental focus is now sharper. Plus the fat loss is amazing and added a bonus.

Today, I’m doing a 60 hr fasting by Pruvit. This would be my fourth 60 hr fasting in four months. What is the 60-hour reboot, basically it’ a kit that Pruvit provides that will help you reset your metabolism by reprogramming your genes to run on fat for fuel. By doing the 60-hour fasting, you engage your body to use fat as an energy source while gradually shifting into Keto Adaptation.


My reboot kit this month came with

  • 3 Keto//Kalm (2 Chai and 1 Honey Cinnamon)
  • 4 Better//Broth ( 2 Salted Caramel and 2 French Onion)
  • 4 Nat Raspberry Lemonade (2 charged and 2 caffeine free)
  • 10 Signal Capsules

So far, I already had my chai tea last night while watching Game of Thrones (OMG that episode) and this morning had a raspberry drink and 2 capsules and then worked out at the gym for an hour. I’m not hungry at all, more like I want to snack while writing but I know that I’m not hungry and that’s mine weakness. Every time I watch tv or doing work, all I want is to have a snack. With this 60 hour fast, I learn so much about my body and mind. I learn about when I’m hungry, I’m actually thirsty or that my mind is actually tricking me in thinking I’m hungry. I learn about my cravings and how to stop my mind to sabotage me for reaching my goals.


You are probably wondering, does this mean I do the Keto diet. The answer is no, I know my body needs carbs but I do it smartly. I do a food diary every day and track my macros. I know I need carbs but after 1pm, no more carbs for me. My supper basically includes protein and vegetables, that it. I do Not eat after 6pm. After supper which is usually 5pm for me is my last meal of the day. I don’t eat after that. I just drink my water for the rest of the day and around 7pm, I take caffeine free Ketone in my water.

I know that this drink won’t magically take off the 80 pounds that I want to lose but it will help achieve that goal, so far I lost 45 pounds (another 35 to lose) since starting this fitness journey but that also includes the workout every single day. I don’t take a break from the gym, even on a rest day, I’m walking for 30 mins or an hour.  That also includes changing my diet. If you think eating bad foods and drinking the ketones will help you in your weight loss, I’m here to tell you no. You need to change your diet and the drinks will help you lose the fat loss but it won’t help you achieve that goal you want. The drinks help me want to achieve that goal, the drinks help me feel better, the drinks help me focus on my goal, and the drinks help me gave me the energy to go work out every day so I can achieve my goal.

Once I achieve my goal that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop drinking my drink, that doesn’t mean I get to go back to bad habits, that doesn’t mean I get to stop going to the gym. This is longterm health and fitness journey that I will be doing for the rest of my life and corporate to my kid’s life so they will be on health and fitness for their life. I want to be a role model for my kids so they will know how to stay healthy and fit. So they will never have to worry about the struggles of bad health.

I was going to talk about my workouts but this blog post is already long. I get so fired up about health and fitness, due to how important it is for your body. I didn’t realize how important health and fitness is to the body until I started my journey.


Well, that is it for today folks.

I hope you have a great day and happy Monday. Go chase your dreams.